On this page, you will find two main promotional strategies we will use for best results.


2.Team Building

1.PERSONAL STRATEGY is explained in video below and you should promote it with your PERSONAL LINK:

Now when you know what is the personal strategy it is easy to guess what the team strategy. Team building will fill the holes in the matrix of all team members and open additional income streams.



Every team member has a team-building link and he/she should send at least 1000 visits weekly to it. 

In the next few pages, I will give you several basic ways to do this. We don’t need false traffic and that can only slow down the pages that other members promote the right way. 

To be sure that every team member is using a good traffic source, each member has his or her own link for team building, generated with the tracker. That way we can see where the visits coming from.

Team building will be done with HOT SEAT strategy. So every member that promoting team link, will be put in the hot seat until he gets 3 direct referrals. Since this strategy is for filling empty slots in the case that he already has one or two direct referrals, his/her link will be promoted only until he or she gets 3 DIRECT REFERRALS TOTAL. The only requirement to get into a hot seat is to be active in team link promotion in previous weeks, by sending 1000 weekly hits to the team page.

What after you get 3 direct referrals? Please continue to promote team link, because it will help members in your downline to fill up their positions. Their success is your success too. When they upgrade to higher positions, your positions will cycle too!