On this page, you will find all details regarding team-building strategy and information where you can share your link.

As a team member, you will get a free page similar to the homepage of this site, with your links on it. First thing you need to do to get personal and team link is to fill up form and send it to me to e-mail rakec88888@gmail.com or to contact me with Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rakec1

Form is here: DOWNLOAD 

To receive latest team news leave your details here: http://clika.pe/l/10589/61953/

Before you start with promotion my suggestion is to have at least 3 positions in the X3 matrix and 4 positions in the X4 matrix, for the best results.

X3 matrix is for your direct referrals and X4 matrix is team building where you can expect to get spillovers. That is why we will focus on X4 matrix as the primary goal. Be sure to check the video below to know how does Forsage works: